Good vibrations…

Welcome! If you are reading this it is a good sign that you are on a unique and powerful path. For many, the terms Sound therapy, Color therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal therapy and Chakra-tuning equate to new-age nonsense…but ironically, these are some of the oldest healing modalities known. Ancient remains of sound healing chambers are everywhere from the Giza Plateau of Egypt to anywhere else pyramidal structures appear.

Much as a massage flushes and realigns muscle in the physical body, Sound, Color, Aroma and Crystal therapies dramatically clear stagnant energy in the body’s subtle energy systems (Chakras). This in turn reestablishes harmony and a balanced energetic flow. The results are instant and powerful. As one client so poignantly put it, “it’s like a deep-tissue massage for your mind.”

Congratulations on discovering something that will truly assist you with your shift into a higher vibration. This work is profound on many levels and it only takes one treatment to understand the utterly massive role that Sound/Color/Aroma and Crystals play in our very reality…

In truth, there are even Sound frequencies that can cause ‘unravelled’ DNA to come back together! Now if Sound can determine the very structure of our DNA, it’s no stretch to reason that Sound (Vibration) is responsible for all structured life on this planet. It’s what makes our very atoms hold together in the form of…well…US!

From the moment you first step foot into the Healing Room, you will know you are in for something very sacred and very special. This is healing on a profoundly deep level and the results speak for themselves. Come shake the dust off your very atoms! Take a bath in the purest crystalline tones and feel the true thunderous peace of inner silence.

When one has reached the emptiness of emptiness, then there is only silence…but it is a Thunderous silence.’ -Buddha