About Antony

Antony Galvan

My name is Antony Galvan. As a perpetual student of alternative healing modalities, my work has taken me on fascinating journeys spanning many continents, cultures and belief systems.

I have lived with several indigenous cultures and have been blessed to learn incredible wisdom from all of them. Most recently I had the honor of living and working with Shaman elders from the Seicoia tribe of the Ecuadorian Amazon who, among other tremendous honors, taught me a great deal about the truest nature of healing work. They are true Master Healers and their very vibration speaks to the Highest Self in all who meet them.

I have brought some techniques back from my time spent with these unparalleled wise-men and have combined them with my already eclectic healing methods to create an experience truly like no other. This work comes through me, not from me. I honor these Masters above all.

My techniques and treatments are ever-evolving. With every piece of wisdom I am gifted, it is my nature to immediately incorporate it into this growing work. I am here to help raise the vibration of this planet and humanity. To be able to do this in such an immediate manner ~ to watch a person enter my room in a state of stagnation and suffering and emerge in a state of peace and serenity ~ gives me a tremendous sense of purpose and joy. It is truly my honor to help others on their healing paths to wholeness. This is who I am.