Balanced flow…

Chakras. It’s difficult to embark upon any path of self-awakening without hearing the term…but what ARE they exactly?

A good visual representation can be found in the Cosmos above us. A Singularity, or Black Hole, is very similar to a Chakra in it’s behavior. In one sense taking energy in and in another emitting energy out. A two-way channel of energy….one direction projected into the external world of stars and dust and the other direction leading into a world of energy and wonder that even our brightest astrophysicists can only theorize and speculate about.

In much the same way, our 7 dominant Chakras work by taking energy into the physicality and emitting energy out into the world. In one direction we see the manifestation of our Chakric conditions on our external world. In the other, we FEEL the ineffible nature of their state on our very essence. Earth/Heaven. Physical/Non-physical.

Chakra-tuning is the use of one or more modalities of healing that directly address these 7 measureable points of energy in the human system. Through entrainments such as Sound, Color, Aroma, Crystals, Tones and Sacred Geometry, Chakras can be balanced. The ultimate goal is not to have one ‘bigger’ than any other to emphasize a particular quality, but to have ALL Chakras in
harmonious balance to allow full expression of the entire person (earthly and divine).

To understand more, it is best to understand each individual Chakra and their effects on our being as a whole.

Click the individual Chakras below. Scroll to the bottom of each page to find a 10-minute sound/mandala meditation. Use these as quick and easy tools for balancing daily energetic challenges.