Sound, Color, Aroma

A closer look reveals…

Imagine your friend sitting in a chair in front of you. Now draw your attention to the very edge of your friend’s body- the very edge where your friend ends and the empty space begins. Keep your attention on this border of friend/space and consider…

If you did the most intense magnification available on this seemingly distinct border, you would find only atoms. Atoms that make up your friend and atoms that make up the space next to your friend.

But atoms are just atoms… at the atomic level, all things are the same!

So then, what makes one atom YOUR FRIEND and the one right next to it something other?

The answer is vibration. The simplest truth is that YOU are nothing less than a great mass of atoms all VIBRATING at your own unique frequency. This frequency is responsible for the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional form that is uniquely you.

Be like water…

When there is a trauma on any level of your being, it is the introduction of a new stream of energy that is not moving in harmony with your optimal flow. Like musical instruments not in tune, conflicting vibrations bring about a deep sense of discomfort and, in the extreme, dis-ease.

So – once these conflicting vibrations are in us, how do we get rid of them?

Lab-grown crystal vs. glass bowls.  No contest.

This is where my work begins. The crystal bowls I use are NOT reconstituted silica (ie: glass) bowls. Mine are crystalline in their structure and their tones are vastly more pure because of it.

Tibetan bowls send a strong message:  BE HERE NOW!

My Tibetan metal bowls are over 200 years old and are the amalgam of 5 different metals including gold. Their tones are pure and infinite.

Color me blissful...

My color instruments emit more colors than the human eye can detect. I have hand-held instruments as well as a powerful overhead light screen. You are literally bathed in color vibration!

Cedarwood, Orange, Lemon, Pine spike, Moroccan Blue Chamomile, Jasmine and Lavender.

My aromas are all wildcrafted, organic and sublimely potent and I work with some of the rarest, most energized crystals out there (charged daily in the bowls!).

Scolecite 'antennae' on Apophyllite.  Rare.  Powerrful. Beautiful.

All of my equipment is hand-picked and, in some cases, hand-made! The result is a genuinely righteous space devoted to healing and awakening. You can FEEL the love all around you!

As each chakra is attuned to a particular key, so too are my instruments…

Your journey begins through The Great Portal...

We begin with the root chakra and slowly work up through all energy centers of the body. All discordant vibrations and blockages are systematically smoothed out layer by layer; physical by emotional by mental by spiritual until one is a single, unified vibratory expression. The expression of YOU- blissfully pure!

Different colors emphasize different geometric formations.

If you really are a big pile of atoms and it is vibration that holds you together, my work quite literally cleanses this vibration. It goes in between your very atoms and polishes the ESSENCE of who you are.

Journeys within journeys.  The fractal of life is eternal.

It is the most healing work imaginable because it works on every single level of your being. It is a holographic massage, a multi-dimensional therapy session and a good cry for your soul all wrapped up in a sacred ritual. It is a gift beyond measure.

Thank you for allowing me to share this gift with you.