In their own words…

“Meeting Antony is a blessing and a gift I will cherish. As a psychologist, my clinical and research work has focused on studying native healing traditions around the world. It is with this experience that I am able to unequivocally state that Antony is the real deal. His searching and personal discoveries have taken him to remote cultures across the world where he has been entrusted with sacred and transformative teachings by local elder healers. Antony has taken these sacred teachings and has integrated his own intuitive gifts to create a multi-sensory experience that results in a powerful and truly impactful healing. It is a true honor to be in the presence of someone so gifted and capable who is practicing his true calling and intention. Antony’s approach is truly client centered. He has lovingly paid attention to every detail and has personally painted, arranged and orchestrated a healing space to engage the entire self, bringing about a profound and lasting transformation. Antony is a vehicle, channeling what comes through him and engaging all of the physical senses. The impact of a treatment reverberates (literally). I received powerful messages that kept coming long after my treatment through dreams, thoughts and memories. I have experienced increased energy and a general sense of profound peace and joy. I am deeply grateful to have found this powerful friend and medicine man and recommend him to those who are serious seekers on the path of self-discovery and transformation.

– Jorge Partida, PhD, Psychotherapist

“There are so many forms of therapy and healing on offer in Los Angeles that sometimes it’s hard to know which might have a genuine benefit and which are merely esoteric and absurd. Let me tell you straight: Antony Galvan is the real deal. A sound healing session with him is simply magical – I have no better superlative. The “Temple” room that is his healing sanctuary begins this powerful work the moment you enter the room. It is an enchanting space. Laying gently in a hammock, the sound waves envelope and transport you. His masterful performance of these sacred instruments is breathtaking. I literally felt “held” by him in this beautiful space; by his warm, loving energy and the palpable work of the sound itself. At the end of the session I felt like my mind had been cleared and cleaned and I drove home with a lightness that I have not experienced for some time. To my delight, the feeling continued into the next day. I cannot recommend this therapy highly enough. It is a healing experience I have not encountered anything close to before.”

– James Webber, Musician

“Antony Galvan’s sound healing sessions are absolutely phenomenal. I had no idea what I was in for when a good friend pointed me in his direction, and was completely blown away by the experience. Imagine a deep cellular massage combined with the essence of soothing aromatherapy while immersed in a sensory deprivation tank. That being said, words really cannot do it justice, much like attempting to describe color to the blind. Having your whole body enveloped in the resonance of various Tibetan singing bowls and bells while in a state of complete relaxation might just top the best massage you’ve ever had. He literally changes the cellular frequency of the body to promote healing and relaxation…a ‘vibrational tune-up’ if you will. If you’ve yet to explore sound healing, I HIGHLY recommend Antony Galvan. It’s an experience of a lifetime!”

– Jennifer Caravella, Holistic coach/Founder of Waking Bird

“As a certified M.D., I tend to err on the side of ‘skeptic’ more often than not when dealing with alternative modes of healing. And it was with a generous pinch of this skepticism that i went to see Antony and experience a ‘sound healing.’ Firstly, let me just begin by saying that I was so impressed and taken off guard by the sheer beauty of his healing space. From the very first step into his ‘temple’, I immediately realized that this was a person of impeccability. Secondly, the amount of knowledge that Antony has regarding this work is staggering and his very energy is healing to be in the presence of all by itself. Though he may not have any ‘initials’ after his name, I would consider him to be a true specialist in his field. By the end of my treatment, my mind was officially blown. I can say with 100% certitude that this work is legitimate and powerful. I have become a regular client and cannot recommend this unique experience highly enough!”

– Dr. Robert B. Selzer, M.D.

“No words can quite do justice to the EXPERIENCE that Antony Galvan’s sound/vibrational therapy gives you. It is not something that you can even imagine, because you have to do it to know it. Even upon entering the inner sanctum of the sound healing room, you know that you are in for a treat. Precious, rare crystals abound, gifts from respected shamans from around the world adorn the walls and tables, and you can see sacred geometry incorporated into so many aspects as well… The high energy is palpable. Then the journey begins. You lay suspended in a handmade hammock over numerous crystal and metal bowls and bells that awash you with Solfeggio frequencies that activate and energize every one of your chakras. I am still a novice when it comes to chakra meditations, but it’s as if each frequency and vibration automatically takes you to the correct chakra. It feels natural. I distinctly also recall a beautiful moment I will never forget when chimes sounded above my body and it felt as though I had millions of gold sparkle dusts raining down upon me… It felt like both a cleansing and a renewal… I have never done a sound/vibrational therapy session before so I have none to compare it to, but my intuition tells me that Antony’s sessions are one of a kind and we are lucky to find him in a city environment like Los Angeles, where true spiritual healers with his vast knowledge and love for that knowledge, are hard to find… He customizes each session for each client, and it’s as though he takes the journey with you as well. I’ve already recommended it to all of my friends, telling them that it’s not really something that I can describe… They just need to try it, and their soul will love it!”

– Theresa Peoples, Executive

“Working with Antony is like taking the RED pill.”

– Mike Dougherty, Screenwriter

“I’d had enough experience with crystal bowls to know what I was looking for in regards to sound therapy, but I did not expect the deep impact it would have on my whole body, soul and spirit after my encounter with Antony. I was highly impressed with his amount of knowledge and skill. The experience of release was breath-taking and ecstatic. I felt reborn, like a freshly washed window pane. My life has completely changed in one month. I have noticed the transformation of old habits into healthier, more pro-active ones. I find myself more deeply connected with my higher self and purpose. I treat myself and others with more love and compassion. As a healer myself I completely value this modality of healing and see it as a beautiful and fast way to raise your vibration and hold space for more light….AND he’s the most interesting man in the world!”

– Meghan Cox, Reiki Master (3rd degree attunement)

“First of all, I went to Antony with no idea of what a ‘sound healing’ was. What transpired, I have to say, was a revelation. I had a vague feeling without it being articulated that there was ‘discomfort’ in my 2nd and 4th chakras, and to a lesser degree, my 3rd chakra. During the session, the sounds Antony made from the bowls were like a celestial concert. I thought it was a recording, but he was actually creating it in the present time! What really impressed me was the absolute viscerality of my chakras being worked on. My chakras felt as if they were being vacuumed (cleaned) and adjusted (tuned) to the point of balance. The interesting part of this expereince was that it was much less cerebral and truly, intensely physical. It felt like a xylophone being played up and down my spinal cord! After the session was finished I purposely asked Antony what he felt was going on in my chakras. Uncannily he said that both my 2nd and 4th chakras were congested and to a lesser degree my 3rd chakra as well…EXACTLY what I had felt was out of balance for the past 2 months! I found it uncanny that his diagnosis was word for word what I was feeling but of course could not prove. For a skeptic like me, this kind of accuracy takes this work out of the arena of the fantastic and into the realm of the concrete. “

– Jon Perichotti, Photographer

“I wasnt sure what to expect when I agreed to a session with Antony, and I have to say that the experience far surpassed anything I could have ever imagined! I have had a few reiki style chakra sessions before and always left feeling nothing more than a little sleepy from laying still for so long. But this is an active and profound healing that I still feel the effects of even as I write this. The experience was pure bliss. I felt such a powerful heart chakra resonance and an incredible 3rd eye awakening that unless you experience it yourself it is almost impossible to fully describe. While floating in the hammock I felt whole, one, and in complete harmonic vibration with the universe!! It left me better than when I arrived, I have a little less fear, a little more love and I cant wait to go again!”

– Christine Della Cioppa, Naturopath

“Working with Antony over the last couple of years has been one of the best things that I have done in my entire life. It is truly a privelege to experience his sound healing and deep meditation therapy. Antony has shown me how to raise my vibration, how to connect with my true inner self and how to be more aware of the abundance of the universe. This has profoundly affected my everyday life in the most positive way.”

– Warwick Saint, Photographer

“When Antony first approached me about sound healing, it sounded a little odd to me. I didn’t know what to make of it, but it did peak my interest. I’m open to new experiences and when he used the phrase “a massage for the mind,” I became very interested. My life is stressful and always on the go, so I feel like I actually require massages and mental getaways just to function. But I’ve never experienced anything like Antony’s sound healing. His healing room alone made me feel like I was transported to someplace special. And once he got started, I was blown away by the sounds emanating from the bowls! Once I settled in, my mind was able to travel, and it was so necessary… By the time it was over, I felt refreshed and renewed. Antony was so knowledgeable and invested that he made me feel comfortable and curious from the start. I would highly recommend sound healing to anyone. It’s beneficial to the mind, body, and soul; and everyone deserves a journey that refreshes and invigorates before getting back to their lives. “

– Ana Lorenzana, Writer

“Mia and I stopped in to visit Antony and got the chance to experience a sound healing. I highly encourage any of you visiting or in LA to meet up with him for this. I thought I knew what sound healing was and man, was I wrong. His healing room is feng shui’d and adorned with sacred power objects to the highest degree. He suspends you in a hand made hammock over crystal bowls made from real quartz crystal and proceeds to invoke some of the most powerful sound vibrations I’ve ever felt (and I’m not inexperienced). Plus, he uses an extraordinary pure gold ball, hollow in the middle, with tiny tinkling gold bells inside that activate the highest and most profound vibration that I could actually feel resonate through my entire being. It’s been a little over a week now and I can still feel my circuitry lit up and re-integratig itself from our session. Antony is an extremely special person and he does a powerful service to anyone on the path of wholeness and integration. If you get the chance I highly recommend it. “

– Garrision Cohen, Film-maker

“I came in for my first sound healing treatment knowing very little about it and what lied ahead for me. First off, Antony’s kind energy and temple space make you feel that you have walked into a safe haven; a world to disappear into. A place where the grass IS greener. As I laid into his sacred hammock and he placed a beautiful silk rainbow cloth over me, I felt comfortable and weightless. The sound of the bowls hadn’t even begun yet and they are the best part! He took care of me like I was a helpless child and it felt so lovely to be nurtured this way. Antony began to play his crystal bowls, I swear he must have 10 arms. It was a symphony of vibrations and sounds that resonated deep into my core. Some made me cry, some made laugh but all in all their pure sounds made me blissful and in awe. I left feeling energized, clear, and grateful. I am very proud of Antony and the path that he walks upon. I am even more proud to call him my friend. “

– Serena Kinchla-Rojas, Mother and Muse

“It was like being led out of my body in order to meet myself at play in the Everyverse. And through all these dimensions Antony’s sweet sounds fortified the fibers of my being with radiant light so that when finally I opened my eyes I felt so shiny and new! Restored to face any challenge and secure knowing everything is going to be alright. Soothing of spirit, quieting of mind and dissolving of ego. “

– Hal Couzens, Cameraman