Third Eye/Ajna Chakra

Third Eye/Ajna Chakra

  • Location: 3rd Eye
  • Color: Indigo
  • Element: Electrical or telepathic
  • Sense: Thought
  • Function: Intuitive center, clairvoyance
  • Aroma: Jasmine
  • Hz/Key/Tone: 221.23 Hz/ A / AUM
  • Balanced energy: Charismatic, can receive guidance, not attached to material things, no fear of death, master of yourself, sexual energy-you no longer need another person to complete yourself.
  • Excessive energy: Egomaniac, proud, manipulative, religiously dogmatic, authoritarian.
  • Deficient energy: Non assertive, undisciplined, oversensitive to the feelings of others, afraid of success, schizophrenic (unable to distinguish between Ego self and Higher self).

Illness & affected systems:

  • Endocrine system: Pituitary gland, Neo-mammalian brain, Greater left brain hemisphere correlation.
  • Physical organs: Autonomic nervous system, hypothalamus, Pineal, pituitary, brain, eyes, ears, nose.
  • Psychic abilities: Clairvoyance, Psychic reading, To have vision or insight, Photographic memory, Telekinesis.
  • Psychological Illness: xtreme confusion, Fixations, Inability to focus, Intelligence deficiencies, Living in a fantasy world, Paranoia, Poor visual memory, Psychotic behavior, Schizophrenia, Severe retardation, Confusion, mental Illness, lack of clarity, psychic exhaustion.
  • Physical Illness: Brain tumors, Cancer, Central nervous system problems, Eye and visual problems, bad eyesight, Headaches (sinus), Sinus problems.


Lapis lazuli, azurite, sodalite, quartz crystal, sapphire.

To balance this chakra:

Meditate, lay down with a crystal or a small pyramid on your forehead, visualize an indigo blue flame.